The Story of Rolling with Virgil

In a nutshell, and without giving too much away, this story is about Virgil’s pursuit of Love.

April and Virgil, before they meet

April and Virgil, before they meet

After escaping an abusive relationship with Miss Cupcakes, Virgil continues to struggle in his search until he stumbles across April, almost quite literally the girl of his dreams.  She has no idea he exists, and he, being low on self-esteem at the time, doesn’t have the nerve to approach her.  He spends the next couple of months following her obsessively, somewhat a cross between a stalker and guardian angel, until either luck or destiny cause them to meet.  The mutual attraction is everything he could have hoped it would be, and they hit it off immediately.

Virgil and April only have time to explore their Love-at-first-sight for one incredible day-long date, because Miss Cupcakes, who it turns out is also on the obsessive side and has a capacity for stalking, kidnaps him and makes the long drive, with Virgil in the trunk, to her childhood home in Belize, where she keeps him captive with the ultimate aim of winning him back.  Meanwhile, back in New York, a very upset and abandoned April meets Ferdinand.

This is about a third of the way into the story, and this is where I leave it for now, not wanting to spoil any more of the twists and turns for you.  Suffice it to say that poor Virgil goes through quite a lot in his efforts to make it back to New York and to his Love.  The question is, is that where his true love resides, and will it still be there waiting for him if and when he returns?

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