The Characters of Rolling with Virgil

The 5 main characters:

Virgil – late 20s – He’s a romantic idealist with a weakness for dancers, stuck in a cubicle by day, knocked around by past relationships, but still holding out hope in the search for true love, or at least his idea of it. One day he finds it in April. 

April – late 20s - early 30s – She is passionate about dancing, but not able to make a living out of it, and has become resigned to her day job as a Wall Street assistant. She is a bright energy, independent and strong, yet playful, with a deep desire for something more meaningful. 

Miss Cupcakes – mid 20s, Latina – Born in Belize and an exotic dancer by trade, she’s fiery. She is very possessive and domineering both sexually and emotionally, but capable of falling deeply in love. She discovers this capacity for love, even obsession, early on in the film when Virgil breaks up with her, and she takes drastic action.

Ferdinand – mid 30s - early 40s – He is a self-made and humble man of the world, raised in Argentina, and he’s become a wildly successful fashion designer. He is worldly and educated but still lonely beneath it all. Ferdinand falls for April as well. 

Zee – elder gentleman 60+ – Inspired by the Elder Zosima from Dostoevsky’sThe Brothers Karamazov, he is a wise and caring lover of mankind, a priest who doesn’t actually believe in God but lives to help people, and so joined the clergy for the automatic credibility it affords him. He is very well-read and awkwardly formal in the way he speaks and interacts with people. Zee encounters Virgil at the darkest hour in his journey and troubles.

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