Who Are The Dirty Urchins?

The Dirty Urchins are a super group of sorts. Their style can perhaps best be described as contemporary folk, but within their sound is a great deal of diversity. Sometimes it’s jazzy, often it’s bluesy, and one song in particular even gyrates to a sexy tango beat.

Each a wonderful singer-songwriter and successful performer in his or her own right, they sometimes come together to blend all those abilities, and it creates something truly special and even greater than the sum of its already noteworthy parts. Freddie Stevenson with his often heart-wrenching, other times hilarious, and always moving poetry, Julia Haltigan with that powerful and sensual voice that'll melt your organs, Bennett Miller pulsing out the rhythm on bass like the heartbeat of a generation, David Luther with that Big Bopper voice from another era and his saxophone vibrating every fiber in your body into celebration almost against your will, and three-part harmonies that make you feel like the world just makes sense.

If you know their music, or if you know them personally, then you know they deserve a wide audience more than anyone. If you don't know them, just trust me, or better yet, check them out!  I post a different live performance of theirs daily on Facebook and Twitter (@RollWithVirgil), and their personal website is http://thedirtyurchins.com/. Have a listen to their album, Romance and Apocalypse and just try not to fall in love.

If you live in NYC, you owe it to yourself catch them live some day.  They’re off on private engagements at the moment, so it’s not certain when that will be, but until then, you can help me ensure that they will remain a band that comes together to create sweet, sweet music by following along with my ambitious new feature film project, Rolling with Virgil.

Check out the trailer.

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