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Conrad Shaw - Writer/Actor/Filmmaker/Smiler

Conrad Shaw - Writer/Actor/Filmmaker/Smiler

Hi everybody! This is your film's writer and blogger, Conrad Shaw, signing in.  Here begin my somewhat regular entries.  How about a basic intro for starters?

Raised in Colorado and at one time a mechanical engineer, I’m now a full-fledged NYC actor/screenwriter/filmmaker.  I love sports (competing rather than watching), music, and movies, among many other things.  I seem to often find myself engaged in inanely semantical argument, and I can do the splits, mostly due to a childhood idolization of all things Van Damme. 

This project, Rolling with Virgil, came to me in a moment of inspiration about a year and a half ago and has consumed me ever since.  I had attempted a bit of screenwriting before, but had abandoned those efforts as self-serving therapy writings and not worthy of someone else’s attention.  Here, with something so collaborative and creative, in which I was really interpreting another form of art (the music of The Dirty Urchins), I found myself unendingly rewarded and enthralled by the process of telling this story of Virgil, the hapless romantic, through song and action.

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